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Mar Weapon Set Rework by Barthimo1 Mar Weapon Set Rework :iconbarthimo1:Barthimo1 10 12 Dojo Duels - Weapon Mimics by Barthimo1 Dojo Duels - Weapon Mimics :iconbarthimo1:Barthimo1 8 7 Highgate Guard and a Sentinel by Barthimo1 Highgate Guard and a Sentinel :iconbarthimo1:Barthimo1 9 2 Duel #1 Banner by Barthimo1 Duel #1 Banner :iconbarthimo1:Barthimo1 6 9 Speedpaint Batch 1 by Barthimo1 Speedpaint Batch 1 :iconbarthimo1:Barthimo1 9 6 Lordy  by Barthimo1 Lordy :iconbarthimo1:Barthimo1 7 5 Glitch  by Barthimo1 Glitch :iconbarthimo1:Barthimo1 9 0 Hue by Barthimo1 Hue :iconbarthimo1:Barthimo1 7 2 Elven Sorcerer by Barthimo1 Elven Sorcerer :iconbarthimo1:Barthimo1 5 7 Photoshop Practice Nr. 1 by Barthimo1 Photoshop Practice Nr. 1 :iconbarthimo1:Barthimo1 4 2 Blade-Bug (Elite) by Barthimo1 Blade-Bug (Elite) :iconbarthimo1:Barthimo1 7 2 Iron Set by Barthimo1 Iron Set :iconbarthimo1:Barthimo1 6 1 Dragon [A gift] by Barthimo1 Dragon [A gift] :iconbarthimo1:Barthimo1 10 8 Boredom brought it forth by Barthimo1 Boredom brought it forth :iconbarthimo1:Barthimo1 3 4 Demon Girl by Barthimo1 Demon Girl :iconbarthimo1:Barthimo1 8 10 Bog by Barthimo1 Bog :iconbarthimo1:Barthimo1 13 3


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Mar Weapon Set Rework
Yes, a rework.

Remember my other weapon set? The one with the red blades and the rather draconic design? *Sigh*
Well.... I was never too happy with it. It didn't look bad, don't get me wrong. But I never felt like they
were weapons I'd use in my animations. Too impractical and flashy for Mar, so I had the plan to rework 
them for a while now.

Only until ShadowQrow wanted me to use the old red weapon set for our Duel abnd I refused to use it,
but thenI finally got the sudden inspiration and sketched something.     

That sudden burst of inspiration led to me drawing my concepts with Paint Tool SAI, so I could easily just
remake those with Adobe Flash - and the result is what you're currently looking at.
It was fun to make! I was inspired by the theme of scorched earth and glowing metal, as well as embers
and burning coals in a forge. Went for that rather fiery draconic theme and I am awfully happy with it,
since it isn't as flashy as the other set, but surely menacing. Can't wait to put them to use!

Here is the concept made in SAI, by the way - where I did not concept the Spear, because I immediately
made that in Flash.
Dojo Duels - Weapon Mimics
Mimics! We all love them, we all hate them.

In many games, we have mimics that disguise as chests and promise treasure...
but devour you instead. Now we have weapon mimics.

Wonderfully hideous. They look like your average sword or even special and legendary
blades. Only disguised as bladed weapons, they attack adventurers who pick them up,
sucking their blood. 
Though it is possible to tame those and get yourself a "pet" mimic as your companion.
Given that you feed it with a bit of your blood on a regular basis. 

I mean, a badass blade is awesome, but what is better than a badass blade that can
attack by itself? Think about it. Hehehe....

Ceadeus and I have gathered and come up with ideas for this, then he asked me to give 
drawing them a try. It was a damn lot of fun, and I am actually thinking about giving
Mar his own little Mimic at some point. x)
Highgate Guard and a Sentinel
Two designs for the world of Cier, where the Dojo Duels and such play in.

The Highgate Guard is quite self-explanatory, especially with the little text to it.

Here the explanation for the Sentinel:

"A natural Golem made from the Rice embedded deeply within Raitera's soil, its appearance is that of a giant bear made out of stone and wood, with a thick mat of moss covering its back. The Sentinels are the caretakers of Raitera Forest, preforming various duties to ensure the forest's health, such as felling dead trees, tearing out harmful plants and weeds from the tree's roots, and letting seeds that are produced on its back to fall to the ground as it walks to spread new plants and growth. Its massive frame, standing at nearly 15 meters in height on its back legs is imposing to most hunters that enter its domain. The Sentinels are at constant war with Blackwatch Loggers, destroying any and all advancements into their forests with no discrimination."

I'll probably draw more of those things and creatures of Cier, it is quite some fun.
Most are made up by Ceadeus - I guess you can call him the DM for that - and some
are made up by the community.
Duel #1 Banner
I drew this banner for the Duel thread on Hyun's Dojo, for my Duel against :iconshadowqrow:

It was fun to make and hyped me up a bit more for the Duel animation.
The animation is still in the storyboarding phase, but part one is done
and now I can tackle the epic part. Stay tuned.
Speedpaint Batch 1
Some speedpaints I did during the last weeks.
Each took about or less than an hour. 

Fun to make, and just as a means of practice,
so I can get a bit better with Photoshop.


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There isn't much to tell.


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